Michael Jackson never claimed to create the Moonwalk

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it’s sad how many people still to this day do not acknowledge the fact that martial arts of the orient played a huge part in the creation of breakdancing and other forms of hip hop dance, including the man in the bubble, Bruce Lee..c’mon bitches wake up…haters everywhere…sad…why do you even think Asian men can adapt to the movements so well, because it was in our blood before people transitioned it into hip hop dance…I recognize so many movements and how it relates to Kung Fu and other martial arts, it’s ridiculous…I can’t believe that no one else can see it…they are either ignorant, racist, or blind, or all of the above…the posturing, the arms in defensive positions, the kicking, the movements used to evade attacks…even spinning out of the way…wow, I can’t believe no one can see it…even tutting is similar to the snake technique of Kung Fu…
Ignorance is apparent in your speech of transparency, your words are the air I breathe that justifies the knowledge I breed, give the reason for me to lead, and I will never leave, nobody loves hip hop more than me, and you obviously know nothing about what it really means to be free…still a little slave…let the media portray you in those negative ways…
here’s something fun, here’s someone dumb, I suggest, some little apprehension, trying to step and expect, some compensation for your conversation that lacks the stimulation you guessed, where’s waldo, but here’s a small hoe, with something wobbly and much less, knowledgeable than the methodical words I express, so yes I have a dream, I have a dream that reflects, the truth, many of you don’t seem to want to stress, like the inside of the stretch jean, with my real eyes that jet stream, and see lies, you let steam, and rise, when you realize I materialize and rep things, that honesty will let bring, I come with the freedom, now lets ring, float like the butterfly, and just sting, a little, the truth does, it’s so silly what the youth does, forgets the roots, cuz, they have the excuse to look drugged, confused, and lose love, they get juiced, I get buzzed, when they let loose, and try to reduce my true love, or nature to play the major, you’re a minor, I’m the eraser, you wrote something wrong down, this isn’t China, but you went into the Wong town, trying to sword fight with chopsticks and long gowns, fanning the flames with your Jerry curl from Rick James, hip hop isn’t meant for you, I write from the heart like an author with much brain and slit veins…

You’re right, but you’re history didn’t go back far enough:
3,000 years before it was introduced in Asia, the Africans called it “Man-Tu”. In the tomb of Khnumhotep it is etched in stone. A Black Dravidian man and priest named “Bodhidarma” taught the Shaolin monks exercises and breathing techniques which developed into their fighting style. So Blacks style of breakdancing goes back to their African Ancestors original form of fighting style called “Man-Tu”, which was introduced to Asians thousands of years later. And Asians can adapt to the movements so well because Asians are just Africans that migrated north out of Africa So why doesn’t martial arts of the orient acknowledge the fact that it all started in Africa? No trying to bash you, but this is probably just some history and facts that you were not aware of.
African slaves in Brazil had a style called “Capoeira”, which was a dance style type of fighting. Like that one guy that was fighting Tony Jaa in that water scene.

Could you imagine if the internet was about in 1984 the next day after Motown 25 everyone would be like “look Micheal jackson stole it from here, or there… the guys a copy cat…. can’t come up with anything original” But no in those days he brought an unknown dance move into the main stream and highlighted it never stated he invented it… But today everyone wants to point out the villain in things… Let art be acknowledged and stop with the negativity towards it.
Michael learnt it but more importantly Perfected it. the same way Jordan learned basketball and perfect it.

Rerun and i danced at Oakland califoria,s night club Ivye,s in Jacklondon square poping and locking i,me Juancarlos from the Digital Under Ground I proformer on the hit albom Son’s of The P with Tupock Shakur George Clinton Shock G Money B Dj Fuze Illen Stine and the albom wen,t double platinum,on The Tommy Boy label than I proformed on the D U party don,t stop,go out to your record store and pick one up,and while your shopping Gorangutang is a must have CD featuring George Clinton Trezae and William,videos Yam and Country Swag.

michael never claimed to create the moon walk and the guy Casper and Jeffrey Daniels both made money as choreographers on smooth criminal video they also help choreograph the bad video shit they just showed Casper in smooth criminal on this video and he renamed it the moonwalk because it sounds better it’s catchy and the back slide isn’t catchy once you work with a major artist it your job to exploit your experience and turn it into money by getting other jobs.
MJ did not steal anything he did say he did not invite the dance he was the 1st to make it that grant!!!! MJ put his style in with it lets not forget MJ was also an innovator him self! I mean the the spin and going on your toes and the leg kick etc! ALL MJ ICON STEPS BY HIM! by 1995 MJ was sliding on the moon..It was so good…But these guys are great and lots of respect, but this negative undertone is ridiculous..Are these guys forgetting that MJ put them in his music videos…and even cast them in Captain EO …He gave them great opportunities and remained humble…

ou young folks that grew up during the thriller years don’t know shit?The moonwalk was also part of the Robot dance craze of the 70’s
They said in this video that Mike did not create something that was already created back in the days when his parents were young they also said for three seconds everybody was going to say that he created that dance which MJ didn’t.

Locking and Popping was just a small part of MJ’s dance. Fred Astaire did not lock and pop neither did James Brown or Bob Fosse and those three had the biggest influence on MJ he had a distinct style that noone else had there is no pop and locking in Thriller or Smooth Criminal or Bad or Remember the Time
MJ´s biggest influence was James Brown..and different kind of dance styles like boogalo, locking, jazz.

I think Jeffrey said he showed Michael how to do it too. Kinda funny. I think Michael was learning from multiple people who knew how to do it and they probably all assumed they were the first ones to show him. But he was just trying to perfect it and make it better. So he learned from all of these people and they all think they’re the first to show him lmao

I remember seeing Jeffrey Daniels doing the “backslide” (and he says he showed Mike too) BUT I didn’t know about Casper. Much respect due. Of course Michael incorporated just about everyone in his dancing. People like Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr, Fred Estaire, Gene Kelly, the legendary lockers and poppers shown in this footage…that combined with his own style. The man was a sponge. Still, This is cool to know

“Beyond the Moonwalk”® – A Dance Legacy (Documentary Short – Proof of Concept)