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Michael Jackson Media List:

Jackson 5 Era

Jackson 5 Florida Special
Goin’ Back To Indiana TV Special, 1971
Jackson Five ‘TV Special 1971 Goin’ Back To Indiana
Jackson 5 Cartoons (2 DVD)
Jackson 5 Cartoons (5 DVD)

Live in Mexico City 1975
DESTINY TOUR: LIve in London 1979
OFF THE WALL (Triumph Tour NEW ORLEANS incl.) [different clips of OTW era] (DVD with Animated Menus)
The Jacksons / Triumph Tour – Los Angeles (Full Screen Version/ worse quality)


Victory Tour Era

Victory Tour Performances (not all, best quality) (with great menü)

Live in Dallas 1984 – Jacksons Victory Tour (best quality, synchron)
Live in Kansas City 1984 – Jacksons Victory Tour


Bad Era

Making Of Moonwalker (Different Versions)
Making Of Moonwalker
Captain EO (Full Screen Version)
Les Enfants Du Rock 1988
3 Specials -> (MTW Apom special/ motown to your town/ BT around the world)
Bad Japan tour DOCUMENTARY (Japan full version)

Live in Tokio Black shirt ’87 (Bonus: BJ + Thriller) [Best Remastered Version]
Advise… download the original no-mix concerts, they are written here…
Live in Osaka ’87 (silver shirt; complete) [DVD-9] (removed watermark)
Live in Tokio 87 (silver shirt; complete) [DVD-9] (removed watermark)
Live in Tokio ’87 (silver shirt; 2nd version, ?other date?; incomplete) [1 DVD] (removed watermark)
Live In Brisbane/Australia 1987
Live in Yokohama 1987 (Yuichi’s Version)
Live in Yokohama 1987 (DVD9 version)


Dangerous Era

BBC – Dangerous Tour Special (from Munich)
‘Countdown’ – Dangerous Tour Special
Dangerous Tour Rehearsals
Dangerous Diaries
Dutch News Clips Dangerous Tour Rotterdam (and more)
Jackson In Action
More Dangerous Than Ever

Live In Frankfurt 1992 [2 DVD’s]
Live in Bucharest 1992 (Unedited Live Version) [2 DVDs]
Live in Bucharest 1992 (Cut down live Premiere version)
Live In Bucharest – BBC Uncut edited Version (amazing Quality, better than released mixed edited version[Professional ReMastered – DVD9] rare
Live in Mexico City 1993
Live in Toulouse 1992


HIStory Era

The Making Of Stranger In Moscow
The Making of TDCAU
Brit Awards 1996
Michael Jackson @ Wetten Dass (1995/1999)
WMA 1996 (only michael)
HIStory Around The World Disc 1
HIStory Around The World Disc 2

Live in Amsterdam 1996 (30th September)
Live in Auckland 1996
Live in Bucharest 1996 [2 DVDs]
Live in Manila, Philippines ’96 [2 DVD’s+Menu+Extras]C5-Vers. (better video quality)
Live in Manila ’96 GMA version (better audio quality) complete amazing menu DVD-9
Live in Seoul 1996 [2 DVDs]
Live in Sidney 1996
Live in Tokyo 1996 (amateur, incompl.)

Live in Amsterdam 1997 (8th June)
Live in Amsterdam 1997 (10th June)
Live in Basel 1997
Live in Copenhagen (14th August ’97) [Amateur version]
Live in Copenhagen 1997 (Tv1000 version) [2DVDs]
Live in Cologne/Köln 1997
Live in Dublin 1997 [2 DVDs]
Live In Gelsenkirchen 1997) [2 DVDs]
Live in Helsinki 1997 [2 DVDs]
Live in Hockenheim 1997
Live in Kuala Lumpur 1996
Live In London, 12th July ’97) 11:21 ( #4 amateur version)
Live In London, 15th July ’97) 32:56 (#1 amateur vers.; incl. Smooth Criminal -not full-)
Live In Milan, 18th June ’97) [3rd amateur version; right site, better rip version] (big DVD with menu)
Live In Milan 1997 (2nd amateur version; front) (1 DVD)
Live in Milano 1997 [Right version]
Live In Munich (‘Sat1’ Channel) 1997 [Professional ReMastered – DVD-9 rare /Dolby 5.1/ best transfered quality]
Live In Munich (‘V’ Channel) 1997 [Professional ReMastered – DVD-9 rare]
Live in Munich 1997 – Sat1 [2 DVDs] not best quality
Live In Munich 1997 (Removed logo blurry Version)
Live in Wien 1997
Live in Gothenburg 1997 [2 DVDs]
Live in Wembley 1997 [Right Version]

MJ & Friends 1999
Michael Jackson & Friends Munich 1999 (waiting for a remasterd version with macaw’s files from djoxygene)


Invincible Era

Invincible Signin Event
“Invincible Generation” Italian special

30th Anniversary Celebration (MSG, 10th Sept ’01) {Amateur} [right & front /only The Jacksons & MJ/ with Menu]
30th Anniversary Celebraton (PRO) MSG [All versions in 1 DVD // worse quality if you compare with new release]
30th Anniversary (The Jacksons & Michael) with YRMW Bonus.. TWYMMF with Britney [Remastered Audio] HQ


New Era

Wold Music Awards 2006 (ORF version)


Documentaries & Other Shows

5 Uur Show a.o. [Dutch]
50th Birthday TV-Specials/Reports (My records) [German]
Celebrity Exposé: Michael Jackson
Conspiracy Files Dangerous Steps
De jacht op Michael Jackson/Tabloid Truth (VHS to DVD)
E! True Hollywood Story
Fabulous Life Of MJ
Headliners & Legends: Michael Jackson (DVD)
Hollywood Stories French
Hollywood Stories (French Special)
Jackson Family Honors
Mad Bad World of Michael Jackson (1988)
Ned 3: Michael Jackson The Music Documentary
MJ’s Most Shocking Moments
MJ’s Secret World
MJ’s Secret Childhood
MJ’s Secret Childhood (VH1 Special)
MJ’s Tv Moments
MTV All Access
Number Ones Special
Our Son Michael Jackson
Pop Galerie ’95 Special (german subtitle)
Private Home Movies
Private Home Movies [with French subtitles]
Private Home Movies (No logo HQ) [via torrent]
‘Streng Vertraulich’ (VHS to DVD German Docu)
The Man in the Mirror Documentary !BRAND NEW great fanmade MJ Docu!
THE rare PRIVATE Amateur RECORDINGS -7dvds-set
The Rise & Fall of MJ
Tros Tv Show [Dutch]
What Really Happened [Was wirklich passierte?] (ORF 2
Where it Began, Where it Went [Dutch Version]
Why Michael Jackson Won (A&E Special)

13 Awards Show on DVD (Part 1)
12 Awards Show on DVD (Part 2)
– Christian Audigier 50th Birthday 2008 (Feat Michael Jackson speech) (Full HQ DVD)

Performances Timeline vol. 1
Performances Timeline vol. 2
Performances Timeline vol. 3



– 60 Mins – Ed Bradley INTERVIEW
Arabic Special with Interview (1995)
At Large with Geraldo Rivera
Barbara Walters Interview
Japan ntv interview 1996 [vob] HQrip
MJ Talks To Oprah German (RTL, 1993)
MJ Talks To Oprah English (1993) [RikMJs/ colourful vers.]
MJ Talks To Oprah English (1993)
Prime Time Live Interview
Prime Time Live 95 Full Interview (with L. Presley and Michael) HQ
The Mexico Deposition 1993 [1DVD]

Weltsensation – Michael Jackson hautnah + Talk with Olli Geissen (German – Living With M.J.)
“Jetzt rede ich” + Akte 2003 Spezial [German] (Living With MJ- “Take Two”)


Music Videos

BET’s The 5 Best Videos Of MJ
Unreleased Clips in 1DVD
MJ’s Unreleased Clips in 1 DVD

Michael Jackson – MegaVideoMix [Final Cut] – Montage by DJ_OXyGeNe_8