My Take On The Documentart: “Beyond The MOONWALK”

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Through out my experience of watching ‪”Beyond the Moonwalk”® – A Dance Legacy (Documentary Short – Proof of concept) I was actually quite amazed of the information that was being given to me. The documentary really kept me engaged the whole time, even times of the film when I went back to re-watch or re-hear this new information. What I believe kept me so engaged during the whole thing is that all the information and different types of video clips were all very spread out, not too much content all at once. One of the things that I believe was strong about this film was the sense of time during history it gave you. Through the editing of adding clips on modern day pop culture icons, it really lets you feel how far back the roots of all these dancers goes. I believe that this element pulls the interest of younger viewers more since it’s not something from their own time, targeting multiple audience. It establishes a reasoning and a purpose

for the youth to show interest, instead of thinking it’s just some documentary about old dance moves. I also believe the order of the film that the producer choose really allowed the second added on short film to really go deeper into this idea and elaborate on it. The stories that were told by Geron “Caszper” Canidate, Lewis Marshall Green, and Lionel Roy Douglas would be something that would have faded out of the history of dance if this film wasn’t made.

Since this documentary is based around something that previously happened, they had to use their resources of what previous film already existed from that time period and mash it together. They just used examples of previous clips and overlaid the guest speakers on top on. I believe if the producer would have chosen to show clips of the dancing, then break to a separate clip of the guest speakers talking in a room it would have really disconnected the viewer from the video. Laying the people who were being interviewed on the dancing gave me the sense of the speakers being in the actual dance or almost like a flash back inside their mind. I also believe the choice of having all the interviews of the speakers from head on was the logically choice. All the dance clips were very flat since the time period and what was available to use to film. It would have thrown of the whole clip if they would have many different angles of the interviews. Also, the B-roll in between each sectioned allowed us to not get concepts of the video confused. It separated all the Mo-town examples from the individual part about Michael Jackson and the Moonwalk. I believe that this documentary was put together very well and is full of rich information. I personal would suggest watching this to anyone who is a fan of music and dance overall because of how relatable this video is to most of our lives.